November 14, 2013

And a Pundit on Motherhood Three!

Try singing that to the tune "and a partridge in a pear tree"... Christmas must be approaching... But YES! Kiddo number three has safely arrived, wisely keeping quiet except to be fed or changed, not causing unnecessary strife or chaos in the house. What a cute little man. (I really need a new family photo now!)  Introducing Caleb, little brother to Anne and Josie, born just a couple weeks ago. He was a little guy.... WAS. If we all gained weight like he does we'd be perfectly snowball shaped by Christmas. How timely.

Speaking of timely, I have done some speed drawing in preparation for the season of gift-giving. Well, not actually--more like staying up all night drawing....since I'm up anyways. It only seems like speed drawing to my "shoemaker" husband who apparently married a magical and talented "elf". Baby Caleb will have the sound of pencils dancing on paper forever ingrained in his subconsience.

Here are some images of my latest work:

Wonderfully Made, pencil drawing on Stonehenge, 5x7"
Copyright 2013 Lisa Smouter
Original for sale through Flagship Gallery. Prints available.

This drawing combines my curiosity about ultrasounds and babies in utero with a more classical way of drawing. I referenced the figure of the baby from an old Leonardo da Vinci drawing--his drawings of babies in utero are incredible!

Expectation, pencil drawing on Stonehenge, 5x7"
Copyright 2013 Lisa Smouter
Original for sale through Flagship Gallery. Prints available.

This was the image that essentially started the series. I hope the image feels genuine and sincere, rather than sentimental.

Mother and Child: First Moments, pencil drawing on Stonehenge, 5x7"
Copyright 2013 Lisa Smouter
Original for sale through Flagship Gallery. Prints available.

This is the last one of the series, for now anyways. Although two portraits are visible I think it still has a fairly universal way about it, that it could be almost any mother and child. This is such a special moment--the first minutes together after a child is born. 

The Christmas show at Flagship Gallery will open on November 22nd, featuring mostly smaller and affordable artwork from all the artists. These three drawings will be on display then as well, and prints will be available on request. 

One last thing, for anyone excited or passionate about what Flagship Gallery is doing for our community, please express your support! Whether through prayer, time or money, this gallery needs your love! Come visit the gallery, check out the classes we're offering, and consider donating to this artist-run gallery. 



September 27, 2013

missing the sand and sun...

Welcome back everyone--I hope you have had a lovely summer and a pleasant introduction to fall. I'm just now getting around to writing this post, as my life is starting to slow down in preparation for baby number 3.

I have to apologize for not letting you all know about SUPERCRAWL, which is an annual festival on James Street North. All the galleries are open late, vendors line up and down the middle of the street, and musicians from Hamilton and all over the world come to entertain. Did any of you make it there?

Next September it returns again, and in the meantime, you could always come experience a regular Art Crawl (2nd Friday of every month).

Here's my latest work, a large acrylic on canvas that has only taken since January to paint...

Portrait commission. Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 30"
Copyright 2013 Lisa Smouter

I was very thankful that my (patient!) client chose this scene for this project. It's a portrait pleasing to a wider audience than simply this young woman's family, because although it captures her likeness, the absence of her face allows you to imagine her being any number of young women. There's also a serenity and simple beauty in the ocean view. It bridges the boundary between landscape and portraiture, making it easier to find an appropriate place for it to be displayed.

Detail of portrait. Acrylic on Canvas.
Copyright 2013 Lisa Smouter

The next thing on my project list is a small pencil portrait commissioned by another of my (long-suffering) returning clients, which MUST be completed as soon as possible. After that I'll be taking a break from commissions for a while.

A heads up for....dare I say it? Christmastime! The Christmas show at the Flagship gallery will be displaying an array of smaller, more affordable work from each of the artists. We're all busy coming up with some fresh work under the theme: "Gifts From the King." I'd encourage you to consider dropping by sometime in the next few months to check us out.

Flagship Gallery is at 237 James St. N, Hamilton. 
Open Wednesday to Saturday, 12-5pm.
Remaining Art Crawls (12-midnight): October 11, November 8, December 13.

Some of you may be wondering how Art Camp went this summer--I'll post some pictures and video soon.

Till next time!


June 11, 2013

Flagship: Under the Big Red Awning...

Some photos from last week, before and after completion of 237 James Street North.

Top: a few good men, comtemplating how to tackle the gallery facade.
Bottom Right: Visionary and head of the Semaphore Fellowship, James Tughan,
catching some fresh air on opening night.

The kiddos on Flagship's opening night.
The gallery is open Wednesday to Friday from 12-5pm, and Saturday from 11-5. Hope you can stop by for a visit sometime! The member's show--which anyone in attendance last Friday night can attest to is FANTASTIC-- is showing until June 26th. I have one piece on display, and plan to have some new work to show next time. 

Art Crawl is this Friday night, so we'll be open LATE along with the rest of the galleries on the street---I think around 11pm.



June 3, 2013

Flagship Gallery GRAND OPENING!

[Yes, the gallery's name has changed. We like to keep friends on James Street, especially with Mixed Media's shop owner.]

Tomorrow the storefront sign will convert--not magically, but by the mighty arm of some strong fellows--from a tired old grocery mart to the stunning and polished Flagship Gallery.

I am so excited!!

Dear husband et al sign-installers: thank you for your muscles!!

This invitation is extended to all members of the faith community interested in seeing some fantastic art.

Parking can be found on any of the many side-streets, or on James Street North if you're part of the special 2% who always seem to find a good space....

THIS FRIDAY, from 7 to 9pm. It will be good.

Please join me!


P.S. the regular Art Crawl will be happening the following Friday, June 14th.

May 15, 2013

Spring Sketches

"Wuff! Wuff" ... my 1 year old little girl was very excited about this drawing.

Chalk pastel is an easy thing to work with when kids are around. I am a GOOD sharer. Just don't touch my drawing--or you will see my authoritative side...

Tucker (Portrait of a Boxer Dog), chalk pastel on mat board.
Approx. 9 x 12"
Copyright 2013 Lisa Smouter

To gear up for summer, kids and teens are welcome to visit the studio for a few hours of drawing or painting. It's another Studio Day, which has been a long time coming! We'll get creative with a box of TimBits...or rather, with our hearts, minds and art supplies. The TimBits can just be some good old-fashioned fuel.... :)

Please spread the word to friends or family who may be interested!

Email me for details, or to sign up.

And of course, I'm still accepting registrations for summer Art Camp! You can visit for information or to register.

I'll be teaching at the Aldershot studio in July (2 weeks), and at Cornerstone CanRC church in Hamilton in August (1 week).

Lastly, some of you know I've recently committed to a new gallery on James St. N. The space is currently being renovated, and we hope to open in June. This means I'll be concentrating more on creating original work for sale.

This past week has driven me to my sketchbook out of need to creatively "vent" -- so perhaps something beautiful will come of it. The heart-breaking story of Tim Bosma has gripped so many of us for a week--metaphors for this injustice and pain have been piling up in my sketchbook....

Until next time...


February 8, 2013

For and by the kids

A while ago I started singing this little poem I made up:

I'm a Mom by day,
A Painter by night,
My hubby does the dishes,
And the family's alright.

Then we got a dishwasher. 

Painting time is in short supply here, especially since my latest project is a very large acrylic--and the paint dries by the time I'm done changing a diaper :)

So here's a little chalk drawing I did last week in between daily tasks.....

Little Baby Curls (Josie Amanda)
Chalk Drawing on Stonehenge, approx 4 x 6"

I'm thinking of doing a gallery style wall in my girls' room, along with this beautifully mysterious painting done by my daughter Anne: 

Eclipse, by Anne Smouter
Acrylic paint and Crayon on Canvas board, 9 x 12"

....This has me dreaming about the summertime, and Art Camp!!....hmmm....

Till next time!

January 7, 2013

Cheerful Beginnings

Hello out there!

I hope you all enjoyed some festivities these past couple weeks! Around here, we've had our fair share of celebrations, as well as some significant reasons for reflection on life. So, knowing I'm not alone in that, I thought I'd post a few pictures to spread some cheer. I looked around my house and found a few things I thought might brighten your day and mine. Enjoy!

"Fearfully and Wonderfully Made"
Oil on Canvas, 18 x 24"  Copyright 2011 Lisa Smouter
Limited edition prints available in various sizes.

And now, here's a little something I made for a little fan of the Disney movie "Tangled" -- I think there are quite a few little girls out there who will recognize this image of Rapunzel and the floating lights.