May 15, 2013

Spring Sketches

"Wuff! Wuff" ... my 1 year old little girl was very excited about this drawing.

Chalk pastel is an easy thing to work with when kids are around. I am a GOOD sharer. Just don't touch my drawing--or you will see my authoritative side...

Tucker (Portrait of a Boxer Dog), chalk pastel on mat board.
Approx. 9 x 12"
Copyright 2013 Lisa Smouter

To gear up for summer, kids and teens are welcome to visit the studio for a few hours of drawing or painting. It's another Studio Day, which has been a long time coming! We'll get creative with a box of TimBits...or rather, with our hearts, minds and art supplies. The TimBits can just be some good old-fashioned fuel.... :)

Please spread the word to friends or family who may be interested!

Email me for details, or to sign up.

And of course, I'm still accepting registrations for summer Art Camp! You can visit for information or to register.

I'll be teaching at the Aldershot studio in July (2 weeks), and at Cornerstone CanRC church in Hamilton in August (1 week).

Lastly, some of you know I've recently committed to a new gallery on James St. N. The space is currently being renovated, and we hope to open in June. This means I'll be concentrating more on creating original work for sale.

This past week has driven me to my sketchbook out of need to creatively "vent" -- so perhaps something beautiful will come of it. The heart-breaking story of Tim Bosma has gripped so many of us for a week--metaphors for this injustice and pain have been piling up in my sketchbook....

Until next time...