November 9, 2016

doodling my way from dark to light...

I am on the verge of creating some new work, probably continuing on the theme of motherhood or home life or something familiar and real right now. They say "paint what you know." Well, what I know right now is a big pregnant belly and three busy kids.

But first. I have to get over my real aggravation with Kathleen Wynne's sabatoge of the family. The sneaky, subtle and subversive attacks on the very thing that takes up all my time and energy--I'm so done with it. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, maybe you don't live in Ontario. Sigh...anyway...

No one wants artwork that oozes bitterness hanging in their home--much less do I need a reminder of that on my easel. Plus, whining under the pressure doesn't seem overly honourable. There must be a helpful way to think through the reasons why family life is beautiful, important, valuable. The honest truth is, right now I often have trouble seeing it myself. Maybe that's why people call this stage being "in the trenches" of motherhood.


Until that gets processed into something positive...

I thought I'd catch up on the blog.

This spring I had a wonderful opportunity to create a commissioned piece for a friend. Doesn't this just lighten the mood :) It was a joy to paint!

Portrait of a young boy, Waterton National Park, Alberta.
18 x 24" Acrylic Painting on wood panel.

I began by selecting the photo below out of a handful of excellent options. Then I felt I needed some inspiration as far as the colour palette and brushwork went, so I kept this image of a Monet painting beside me almost the whole time.

One of the reference photos I worked with, alongside a painting by Monet.

Maybe you can see how my painting was influenced by this.

Detail of Acrylic Painting.

Following this painting, I was busy with three weeks of Art Camp--too. much. fun! A separate blog post about that is in the works.

One final quick thing to show you. Recently, Flagship Gallery launched a new website which shows off a lot more artwork than the old site. You can also buy prints and originals, and support this fantastic group of artists I am blessed to call friends! Here's a look at the page showcasing some of my work.

Thanks for reading!