June 3, 2013

Flagship Gallery GRAND OPENING!

[Yes, the gallery's name has changed. We like to keep friends on James Street, especially with Mixed Media's shop owner.]

Tomorrow the storefront sign will convert--not magically, but by the mighty arm of some strong fellows--from a tired old grocery mart to the stunning and polished Flagship Gallery.

I am so excited!!

Dear husband et al sign-installers: thank you for your muscles!!

This invitation is extended to all members of the faith community interested in seeing some fantastic art.

Parking can be found on any of the many side-streets, or on James Street North if you're part of the special 2% who always seem to find a good space....

THIS FRIDAY, from 7 to 9pm. It will be good.

Please join me!


P.S. the regular Art Crawl will be happening the following Friday, June 14th.

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