February 8, 2013

For and by the kids

A while ago I started singing this little poem I made up:

I'm a Mom by day,
A Painter by night,
My hubby does the dishes,
And the family's alright.

Then we got a dishwasher. 

Painting time is in short supply here, especially since my latest project is a very large acrylic--and the paint dries by the time I'm done changing a diaper :)

So here's a little chalk drawing I did last week in between daily tasks.....

Little Baby Curls (Josie Amanda)
Chalk Drawing on Stonehenge, approx 4 x 6"

I'm thinking of doing a gallery style wall in my girls' room, along with this beautifully mysterious painting done by my daughter Anne: 

Eclipse, by Anne Smouter
Acrylic paint and Crayon on Canvas board, 9 x 12"

....This has me dreaming about the summertime, and Art Camp!!....hmmm....

Till next time!