September 27, 2013

missing the sand and sun...

Welcome back everyone--I hope you have had a lovely summer and a pleasant introduction to fall. I'm just now getting around to writing this post, as my life is starting to slow down in preparation for baby number 3.

I have to apologize for not letting you all know about SUPERCRAWL, which is an annual festival on James Street North. All the galleries are open late, vendors line up and down the middle of the street, and musicians from Hamilton and all over the world come to entertain. Did any of you make it there?

Next September it returns again, and in the meantime, you could always come experience a regular Art Crawl (2nd Friday of every month).

Here's my latest work, a large acrylic on canvas that has only taken since January to paint...

Portrait commission. Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 30"
Copyright 2013 Lisa Smouter

I was very thankful that my (patient!) client chose this scene for this project. It's a portrait pleasing to a wider audience than simply this young woman's family, because although it captures her likeness, the absence of her face allows you to imagine her being any number of young women. There's also a serenity and simple beauty in the ocean view. It bridges the boundary between landscape and portraiture, making it easier to find an appropriate place for it to be displayed.

Detail of portrait. Acrylic on Canvas.
Copyright 2013 Lisa Smouter

The next thing on my project list is a small pencil portrait commissioned by another of my (long-suffering) returning clients, which MUST be completed as soon as possible. After that I'll be taking a break from commissions for a while.

A heads up for....dare I say it? Christmastime! The Christmas show at the Flagship gallery will be displaying an array of smaller, more affordable work from each of the artists. We're all busy coming up with some fresh work under the theme: "Gifts From the King." I'd encourage you to consider dropping by sometime in the next few months to check us out.

Flagship Gallery is at 237 James St. N, Hamilton. 
Open Wednesday to Saturday, 12-5pm.
Remaining Art Crawls (12-midnight): October 11, November 8, December 13.

Some of you may be wondering how Art Camp went this summer--I'll post some pictures and video soon.

Till next time!