May 31, 2012

times, they are a changin'

I realize this is not a forum for bragging about my kids, but...

Many former students have been asking about Art Camp for this year, and I'm hoping that if I post a photo of my little girls, you will better understand why I'm choosing not to do Art Camp this summer.

This summer I'll be happily embracing my role as a full-time mom and giving the studio a break. I will miss Art Camp as much as the rest of you, and it already feels strange not having a head full of planning and preparation for the summer. Please, take advantage of your time this summer and make lots of art! Keep in touch--I'd love to know what you're working on.

I heard from several students about scholarships and awards they've received for their work, as well as many portfolios being accepted to college and university programs. I also love hearing about how students' work is proudly displayed in their homes, and sometimes a young artist will even be commissioned. This is wonderful!! I love hearing about these successes, from artists of any age!

Keep in touch and let me know what projects you are working on--blessings for the upcoming summer!


P.S.  for all you artists out there, young and old, I just wanted to share this quote that got me in front of my easel pretty quickly...

"I have observed that many of my artist acquaintances find all kinds of excuses NOT to paint: The studio is untidy, the preliminary sketches haven't been done,  [or from a young person's perspective, "I don't remember where my art stuff is, I just have to reply to this text, I'm too tired from swimming in the pool, I don't have any canvases, my sketchbook is almost full and mom won't drive me to the store and...]...What is lacking is a source of motivation.
My call to artists is to get off your excuse couch and create what you are skilled to do."
 excerpt from "No Excuse" written by Karen Burnette Garner

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