February 21, 2012

Good Old-Fashioned Portraiture

Annie, 2 years old.
Conte and pencil on Stonehenge, approx. 6 x 6"
Copyright 2012 Lisa Smouter

Recently I have lost the motivation to draw from photographs. 

Yup. And I'm positive that my sister-in-law (read Kara Lodder Photography) is to blame. 

Her photos are so gorgeous, artwork in their own right. The proliferation of fantastic photos of my children has temporarily discouraged me from putting all the effort into sketching from photos. 

Unless the photo is not particularly beautiful, even when PhotoShopped.

A photo snapped on my phone and PhotoShopped for reference.

Da Vinci's portrait--source of inspiration

And maybe if I can glean some inspiration from Da Vinci's beautiful portraiture...

I've always loved the old-world look, and while I'd love to sketch from life, I haven't quite mastered the art of getting a two-year-old to sit still....The above photo, along with this inspiration were enough to get me started. 

Hence my latest sketch and the old-fashioned speak. I hope you enjoy this freer, tea-stained look. It doesn't really suit a light-hearted kid's bedroom, but I know it will look great in my living room. If anyone is interested in commissioning a portrait in this style I would gladly comply.

Some of you know we welcomed our second baby girl--Josie Amanda--about a month ago. You'd think I'd be doing a drawing of her in my "spare" time, and I'm sure she will get her turn. Maybe once Kara's photos of her start looking a little out-dated (which in babytime is NOT long) ...

Josie Amanda, photo by Kara Lodder Photography

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  1. Lisa you are so sweet!!

    That sketch of Annie is gorgeous - what lucky girls to have such a talented momma!