February 28, 2014

Your Kingdom Come

Many of you will recognize such a familiar phrase as "Your Kingdom Come" from the Lord's Prayer, and I am thankful it is that--a prayer-- because asking God to do it is much easier than trying to achieve it myself. I have recently discovered just how deeply personal this petition is, how the Kingdom of God exists right inside of each Christian, transforming fragile paper-like creations into strong, beautiful new ones as we grow in love and knowledge of God.

Sometimes growth and transformation is painful, like when you learn an unexpected life lesson that exposes how not-nice you really are. Not-nice is an understatement, the more you compare it to how we're designed to be.....how we will be, one day, living in a New City made of pearls and jewels and precious stones.

"Your Kingdom Come: tear another strip off me"
Chalk Pastel on Stonehenge, approx 16 x 20"
© 2014 Lisa Smouter

I think I will try more drawings on this theme. I liked the mass of white paper that takes up so much more space than the pearly texture behind it. All that "white space" makes it difficult to photograph well, though. Let me know if you're interested in a print, and I'll have it professionally done up.

detail of "Your Kingdom Come: tear another strip off me"
Chalk Pastel on Stonehenge
© 2014 Lisa Smouter

If you'd like to see this piece in person, it's hanging at Flagship Gallery in downtown Hamilton (237 James St. North). It's part of a show called "A Tale of Two Kingdoms" which was in conjunction with this year's True City Conference.

Special thanks to Dr. Ted VanRaalte for this sermon, which brought me from in-church sketches to this final piece. (Any other creative-types out there find that sitting in church is great for generating visual metaphors?) Hopefully more to come!




  1. So its been a while since i've seen your work... Or you... Or your dashing husband... (5 yrs? Anne's baptism?) And I dont recall how I just ended up at your blog, but i just sifted through a few years of work and really enjoyed a lot of it! I once told you your work would someday find my wall. Finally own my own walls now, I'm gonna have to hold myself to that soon. Take luck!

    1. Hello Ben! This was a pleasant surprise, hearing from you! It really has been forever and I have no idea where your new walls might be located these days--looks like you might be in a different timezone than I, perhaps? :) Congratulations with owning your own place! I hope things are well--and thanks so much for the encouragement. All the best to ya!