May 11, 2016

Art Camp registration is Open!

As I sit and type, I have three little kids playing (and getting along!!) around me, and about 15 multicoloured hair bows placed meticulously all around my head. Fifteen. What a life, haha!

I'm sure there are a lot of weird "working-from-home" stories, maybe you have one to share too :) Since I'm on this tangent, I may as well commit and show you this video from 2012:

Needless to say, this girl has been waiting to be old enough for Art Camp for a loooong time. She has been messing around with paint almost as long as she's been alive. This is her "I can't wait for Art Camp!!" smile :)

For all the rest of you eager artists, young and old, join me for a week this summer in Aldershot. I love teaching all the six year olds ;) but I also love the older classes and every age in between! You can find details and registration here:

I have some solid updating and art-showing-off to do on this blog....that will have to come another time.

Until then!