December 22, 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

Having realized that my website is in dire need of updating, (and without the ability to do it myself!) I decided it was time to fill you in on what's been happening at home and at the studio lately.

Well, I guess I should let God have the glory for this work of art--Annie is a perfect little addition to the Smouter family. Right now her lungs are calling for cuddles and Daddy is getting some practice in that department (not that he needs it!). Annie is the curious type when it comes to easels, paint brushes and palettes; I will take that as a blessing, despite some paint on my living room floor. When she was only a few weeks old her clothes already bore the faint scent of oil paints. Now she's nearly 11 months, and all that crawling and walking is allowing for some serious paint exploration, if Mom doesn't catch her first....

"Reflection" oil on canvas. Approx 16 x 20"
Professionally framed. For sale $1800 tax incl.
Copyright Lisa Smouter 2010

As expected, Annie's arrival has really impacted my personal artwork. For me, the experience of nurturing an itty-bitty newborn was often like firmly supressing a huge adrenaleine rush. Calming the quick pace; willing the slowdown. It was my mind and body's urge to quickly get that load of washing in, when suddenly my heart would quietly remind me that this baby's beauty trumps dirty laundry every time. Besides, a newborn face is an obvious winner, but it doesn't stick around long enough to fight many fights--she sure grows up fast!

This painting came somewhat unwittingly from those feelings. When shooting some reference photos, I was fascinated by the many reflected shapes and by the pop of the orange leaf. I didn't even notice the small treasure  hiding  underwater  until later....hmmm, the irony. Is someone knocking on my head?!

I'm honoured to announce that "Reflection" has been accepted into the Bruno Capolongo Invitational exhibition. It was selected along with work by other emerging and established artists to be shown at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts from January 10 - February 5th, 2010. The opening reception is Saturday, January 15th from 5:30-8pm, where the awards will be given. Very exciting!

So if you are interested in seeing some high quality contemporary fine art, please visit HCA while this show is up. (Note: HCA is closed on Fridays and Sundays.) I know it will be a fantastic display!


P.S.  Some of you might recall that I was awarded an Honourable Mention for my copy of Vermeer's "Milkmaid" at a previous BCI exhibit. You can see a photo of it and more of my previous work on my website.