March 7, 2012

one for the kids...

Don't you just feel for the little girl whose favourite companion is left hanging out to dry?

Hanging Out to Dry
Oil on Canvas, 14 x 24"
Copyright 2012 Lisa Smouter
Original Painting For Sale: $450  |  Prints For Sale: $85 each

Poor little bear...

I'm actually a bit nervous to let this painting go, because it has given me many a headache! An artist rarely knows when a painting is finished, but with this one I'm saying I'm finished! In the end it was kind of fun, as Annie's own sense of humour inspired me to add fun things like animals in the clouds and an airplane with a banner ("baby on board!" was Arie's suggestion since I was expecting Josie at the time). Having a two-year-old in the house has made me lighten up a bit. Maybe some of you can relate? :)